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November 2012

Thanks, Brad Feld: Foundry Group founder inspires Louisville to create Start-up Mastermind Group

Talk about creative destruction.
On Friday, IL’s Melissa Chipman started a heated discussion when she took Awesome Inc.’s Brian Rainey to task for his meant-to-be-funny intro of start-up guru Brad Feld at a Forge event.
Everyone got all riled up, but through the real-time magic of social media, a movement started to coalesce around the goal of using Feld’s vision to fortify Louisville’s embryonic start-up community.

Insider Louisville

September 2012

Couple finds urban vibe in NuLu townhome

Sam Upshaw Jr.; The Courier-Journal

Since February 2012, Mariah and Eric Gratz have enjoyed all the amenities of living in an urban setting. With the up-and-coming NuLu district and downtown Louisville just a few steps away, there is always something to do. They enjoy being close to restaurants, local shops and downtown attractions. When they aren’t milling about town, their open floor plan and sleek, modern decor make their home an ideal spot for entertaining.

Courier-Journal | SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 | Written by Allison Jones, Special to The C-J | Full Story

Fall 2012 Preview: Urban Reoutfitters

Urban Reoutfitters – Downtowns across the state come alive with resurgence.

STORY | SEPTEMBER 3, 2012 | More Here

June 2012

Mint Julep Tours settling into NuLu space

Mint Julep Tours’ recent move to the NuLu district of downtown Louisville has proved to be a good decision, according to co-owner Sean Higgins.
“We’ve seen an increase in visibility as we’re located in Louisville’s arts and entertainment center,” Higgins said.
On April 15, the tour, transportation and event company moved its office staff and vehicles to 721 E. Jefferson St., a large warehouse and office building in the Nulu district on East Market Street.

Business First | Tuesday, June 12, 2012 | Read Here

MAY 2012

The Restaurant Scene in Louisville’s Red-Hot NuLu

There is a stretch of East Market Street in Louisville, Kentucky, that is jam-packed with new restaurants. They’ve been calling this area NuLu — a portmanteau of “new” and “Louisville” — since it’s basically where every single cool, artisanal, slightly Brooklyn-y thing lands. You’ve got your restaurants like Rye and Decca, which focus on simple, product-driven food in casual settings, but also brick-and-mortar locations of food trucks (Taco Punk), excellent beer stores (Louisville Beer Shop), and coffee spots (Please and Thank You). | Monday, May 21, 2012, by Gabe Ulla | Read Here

Harvest: Local Cuisine, Killer Bread Pudding

Sometimes on vacation I just want to enjoy a dinner out, to not take notes or photos of my meal. Yet sometimes that meal is so impressive that I still need to write about it, even though I can’t provide as much detail as maybe I desire. The restaurant though should be recognized for its high quality, even if that mention is brief.

While in Louisville, we dined out one evening with my friend Fred and his wife, selecting a restaurant that none of us had ever been to before. We took a chance, dining at Harvest, a “locally grown restaurant,” situated in the downtown NuLu district of East Market Street in Louisville.

Richard Auffrey | The Passionate Foodie | Read Full Article

Pollards hope new barbershop in NuLu will succeed with men as salon has with women

Bennie Pollard and his wife, Maria, have expanded their business to the NULU district with Market Street Barbers. The motorcycle-themed barbershop caters to men and offers cuts and shaves as well as Bennie’s line of hair care products.

Business First by Kevin Eigelbach Read More on Business First

Sustainable Design Consultants Begin Work Evaluating East Market District

Earlier today, a group of environmental analysts descended on Louisville’s East Market–or NuLu–neighborhood for a tour. They’re in town thanks to a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, and for three days they’ll be studying the neighborhood with an eye toward ways to improve its sustainability.

Global Green—a California-based environmental non-profit—is leading the project, with help from local community leaders and the U.S. Green Building Council. As they learn more about NuLu, they’ll be offering recommendations to make the neighborhood more livable and environmentally friendly. by ERICA PETERSON on MAY 17, 2012
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The Impact of Organizations on the Environment: A NuLu Story

UofL Grad Student writes term paper about the community

Read the Term Paper
by Jason D’Mello

Beating the crowds with a weekday lunch at Rye

The buzzing gallery and nightspot zone along East Market Street that the PR-meisters wish we would call “NuLu” has become so crowded lately that, as Yogi said, nobody goes there anymore. Of course, this is not true…

BY ROBIN GARR | LEO Weekly | May 2, 2012
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Ben Sollee’s “Merch That Matters” Project

Ben Sollee’s vision for “Merch That Matters” continues with his new live record. In this episode we hear from two community minded business owners helping to fill the void left in the local music scene when the big record stores close down.

sonaBLAST! | Heine Brothers | NuLu | Record Stores

APRIL 2012

NuLu’s Culture As An Economic Driver

Your Voice Contributor

I am honored to have been asked to share a positive news story/opinion piece with the Voice Tribune readers. So I will share a bit about the NuLu story. I am presently the elected President of the East Market District Association, our neighborhood business association. My wife Augusta and I developed The Green Building (presently the “greenest” commercial building in Kentucky) and are still working on several more historic buildings in the East Market Street area just east of downtown.

Five years ago, East Market Street was a diverse urban environment, on the up-and-coming “cutting edge” (at least in my opinion having moved from Manhattan’s East Village). Most folks at the time, however, would have said it was on the less desirable “bleeding edge,” and most of the 30,000 daily cars never stopped on East Market Street while zooming east from downtown to their suburban homes. Despite the First Friday Trolley Hop, the area may have been known primarily at the time for being an area for social services (Wayside, Jefferson Street Baptist Center, Home of the Innocents)….

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Derby Days

Taylor Stitch is an independent outfitter that designs and crafts modern stapes in San Francisco. They will be opening a Louisville Outpost at 807 East Market Street to outfit men and women for the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby. Taylor Stitch is excited to launch a special collection of Derby inspired clothing and accessories for the outpost.

They will be joined by Paul’s Hatworks – a San Francisco hat shop that has been producing custom men’s hats in the city since 1918.


DERBY_press release

Location: 807 East Market Street – Louisville KY
Dates: April 19th to May 4th
Store Hours: Noon – 8 PM
Opening Party: April 19th 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Closing Party: May 4th – First Friday Trolley Hop

More Information
Product Previews and Opening Party Bands:
Insider Louisville Article

MARCH 2012

The New Old Louisville Starts to Hum

First came the art galleries. Then the boutiques. Then the food and drink (craft and farm-to-table, thank you very much). Then the — record store and trendy barbershop?

By Josh Noel, Tribune Newspapers – Full Article
Also Check out this Article by Terry Boyd: Insider Louisville

The Manliest Town in America

Of all the cities in the United States, quién es más macho? After spending a long weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, we have our answer…
GQ Article on Louisville as Manliest Town
GQ by Brendan Vaughan – Full Article


Store owners say business is thriving at NuLu

WHAS 11 Video and Article by Brooke Katz
Watch Video / Read Article



Kentucky Entrepreneurs Share Strategy to Becoming LEED-ers in Eco Supplies

Zachary Riles and his wife Laila Alizadeh moved from the Pacific Northwest to her hometown of Louisville, KY with hopes of raising a family there. While looking for a new home, they quickly saw that the green housing options they had grown accustomed to in the Northwest were not available in Louisville or the surrounding areas. That realization was the genesis of BlueGrass Green Company, a housing supplies company that offers sustainable remodeling materials for eco-conscious consumers, which launched in 2008.

via | Posted by Ari Matusiak on December 29, 2011 at 09:25 AM EDT

Travel to the City of Possibility

Discover a better way of life in Louisville, Kentucky.
Watch ABC News Video

Louisville’s Hip Emerging Scene

Explore Nulu and downtown’s 21c Museum Hotel.
Watch ABC News Video

JULY 2011

In Louisville, New Life Fills Old Facades

The New York Times
View NYT Slideshow


Keep Louisville Local: The NuLu Frontier

The inside of Muth’s Candies along East Market Street is like a museum, filled with antique plates, old candy boxes and aged photographs from a bygone era…
Read the Full Article


NuLu Festival returns to East Market District


Ex-Grisanti chef, captain to open NuLu restaurant, club, deli

Change Agent: A green retrofit serves as the cornerstone for regenerating a distressed neighborhood
The Green Building, Peters Construction

Art adds interest in Phoenix Hill
Pohl Iron Works, Garner-Furnish Studio


Marketing Market Street: The arts are at the core of a neighborhood’s renaissance

Hudson Home offers sustainable furniture and design services
Hudson Home

JULY 2010

2nd annual NuLu Fest announced for Oct 2
NuLu Festival

‘Heart of NuLu’ blossoming in Wayside’s wake
NuLu Wayside, Peters Construction Co., Hudson Home,
Bluegrass Green, The Green Building

A few highlights from the NuLu Galleries July 2010
Flame Run, Garner-Furnish Studio, Tim Faulkner Gallery, Zephyr Gallery

Two new companies opening stores in NuLu district
WE Yoga, Buena Vista Construction

JUNE 2010

Ladies Beer Club at Louisville Beer Store [NuLu]

Louisville Beer Store

NULU gets boozed up [NuLu]
The Bodega at Felice

MAY 2010

New owners start work on Main Street condo project
SoHo Lofts

APRIL 2010

Boston Globe Web article salutes innovative Louisville restaurant scene
732 Social, The Green Building, Mayan Cafe

Hudson Home opening in East Market “NuLu” District
Hudson Home

Louisville takes the reins in crafting new cuisine
732 Social


Wine-centered complex planned for East Market

Crush on Marke, Cask 55


Louisville Neighborhood Becomes an Arts Area
The New York Times