We encourage all members to volunteer on one of our wonderful committees. For meeting times and locations, please contact the committee chairperson. It’s always a good time!

NuLu Festival Committee
Ina Miller, Ina Miller Events

Business Committee
Rick Murphy, JEB Advertising

Beautification Committee
Bill Marzian
Jeff Rawlins, Architectural Artisans

Marketing Committee
Rick Murphy
Trudy Miller
David Nichols

Membership Committee
Rick Murphy, JEB Advertising

Retail Committee
Leslie Bowers, Peace of the Earth

Restaurant Committee
Megan Brier, Garage Bar

Galleries/Arts Committee
Chuck Swanson, Swanson Contemporary
Joyce Garner, Garner Narrative

Government Relations
Bill Marzian
Gill Holland, The Green Building

Residential Committee
Michael Brohm

Strategic Planning Committee
Gordon Brown, Home of the Innocents