Does Louisville Need More Highways?

Christian Hansen for The New York Times

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — More and more Americans, educated 20-somethings and empty nesters among them, want to live downtown. Plenty of downtowns are coming back; many are thriving. Even so, we remain a nation in thrall to suburbs, highways, cars. On a recent visit here I was struck by this paradox.
A half-century or so ago Louisville, like so many American cities, bet the farm on cars and suburbia. It sacrificed a swath of its downtown to three interstate highways. There was the usual reasoning: highways would bring business, without which downtown, already struggling, would shrivel and expire.

The New York Times | By Michael Kimmelman | 9-26-2012 | Read the Full Story


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One Response to Does Louisville Need More Highways?

  1. I agree with the article that adding more highways won’t fix the traffic problems of downtown any. I really wish that the 86-64 project had made some headway and actually opened up our beautiful riverfront.

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