NuLu Neighbor Spotlight: MusicWithMe

New neighbor, Music WithMe, moved into the 806 1/2 East Market Street location back in March. Michelle Jones, Music WithMe Community Manager, (also author of the popular blog Consuming Louisville) was kind enough to join us for a question and answer session about their new venture!

Q: What do you do?
A: We make Music WithMe, the best way to share music with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Music is (and has always been) part of our collective cultural conversation so we’re making it easy to bring music into the places we’re actually talking these days: social networks. Music WithMe also lets you wirelessly sync your iTunes library to your Android phone. Whenever you’re connected via wifi or your phone’s cellular connection you can get your music.
Q: What compelled you to move your offices to East Market Street?

A: We have a lot of foodies in our company so East Market is a great fit for us. We’re in close proximity to some of Louisville’s best restaurants (Mayan Cafe, Wiltshire on Market) and some of the most highly anticipated new restaurants (Harvest, Please and Thank You). Beyond just making our foodies happy this move has put us in the middle of the most exciting neighborhood in Louisville. New businesses seem to open here almost every week and existing businesses are getting better all the time.
Q: Favorite Thing About Working in the NuLu area?
A: For me personally it’s being able to walk to so many restaurants. It makes it possible to have “girls lunches” with friends during the work week. If you ask the guys in the office (I’m the lone woman in our company) I think their answer would be the Louisville Beer Store.

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One Response to NuLu Neighbor Spotlight: MusicWithMe

  1. Thanks so much for featuring us! We’re just thrilled to be in the neighborhood. Moving to East Market has been great for us.

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